Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recent PET Scan results

Hello all, If any of you are still checking this blog, Rod had his PET scan on Tuesday and got his results yesterday. Everything came back normal and there is no sign of the tumor. We were so relieved for this wonderful result. He will have another scan in 6 months and continue to have his lab work done regularly scheduled by his doctor. Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!! And again, thank you all who think of Rod (Dr. Huss) and pray for him.


Monday, June 28, 2010

coming down the home stretch

Hi everyone. I don't know if anyone is still reading this blog but just in case, I'll spill my guts again. I have one more chemo to go. My last chemo is July 6.
That's just one week away. This is my good week right now. I'm feeling pretty good now. I have a little bit of energy and can actually work for a little while without feeling totally out of breath. My muscle mass is really taking a hit with this chemo. It's probably going to take a year to get back to normal as far as my strength is concerned. I rode my street bike to Santa Maria last week and was really sore the next three days. I'm still working half days in my office but I'm taking all of my call days which is 5 out of 7 days. Afternoon naps are necessary most days. I encounter well wishers every day in town which is really a boost to me. I'm suprised at how many people still think I have cancer and are relieved to find out I am in remission. I'm still not too sure how my oncologist is going to follow me after the chemo ends....I think he will repeat the PET scan at 6 mos and probably do labs every 3 mos. I'll try to make one more entry sometime after my last chemo and then maybe retire this blog. Love you all.....Rod

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

good news day

Yippie!!!!! Today I got a call from my oncology Dr and he told me that the PET scan I did yesterday showed NO CANCER in my body! This was a big relief to me and my family. All of the prayers and good wishes that I have received from everone has really helped this to happen......and I guess the CHEMO didn't hurt either. This will allow me to get the last 3 courses of CHEMO as an out patient which will make it a lot easier to arrange my work around. I feel very blessed...and I feel like I have my life and my body back. I'm slowly getting back into my job and so far so good. I can't express enough the gratitude I have for all of the support and love I have received from family, friends, co-workers, aquaintances, and patients. It has really helped me to weather the storm. Most of all, I thank God for allowing me more time on this earth and I have promised him that I will not waste it. He will not be sorry he granted me the time to grow a little older, grow a little wiser, and to help Julie raise Madelyn. I love you all. Rod

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back home again and doing great

Well I finished my third round of chem about 6 days ago and I'm back home. I really have no ill effects from my chemo this time except for not being able to do anything physical for more than a few minutes without being wiped out. My red blood cells are really low and will be that way until after I completely finish my 6 courses of chemo.....probably early July, then the red cells will slowly build up to normal. A week from tomorrow on the 17th of May I will get a repeat CAT scan and a PET scan to see If I am tumor free (in remission). I haven't been back on any of my motorcycles yet but I'm staying active with all of the tractoring and gopher digging and watering trees and mowing and upkeep that keeps 20 acres running smoothly. Tomorrow I get to re-start my life at work. I have 2 Cesarean sections an induction of labor and an assist of a hysterectomy scheduled for the week plus seeing all my office patients doing 1/2 days. Oh ya!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

starting chemo #3

Just a short update. Tomorrow I leave for Cottage Hospital again for my third round of chemo for 5 or 6 days. I've been feeling pretty good now for a few days so I'm not looking forward to getting slammed again. Right now I feel like I'm cured already, but I know I have to pay the piper to make sure and to keep it(the cancer) away. A few days after I get back I'm going to try and work 1/2 days. I hope it works out.....I'm pretty sure I can do it. Hopefully this week will be my last 5 day chemo in the hospital "gig" and I'll be able to do the last 3 courses as out patient in Solvang. Talk to you later, bye.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally had another ride day

After no Saturday ride days for over a month, we finally had a ride day on 4/17/10. The turn out was great. After all that has happened over the past month it was so nice to have all my motocross buddies and their families out to the track. It really recharged my batteries. Of course, I didn't ride, but I was able to work the track with the tractor the day before the ride and I managed to keep water on the track so everyone could have a great ride day. There is no other activity in my life that makes me feel more alive than motocross. The camaraderie and deep lasting friendships all enrich this special activity. I had a very special treat tonight. I got a phone call from Roger DeCoster!!! I was fortunate enough to establish a friendship with Roger some years ago. He has enriched my life ever since. For you nonmotorcycle guys, he is simply called "The Man." His current day job is team manager for Suzuki's motocross team but he also is the biggest ambassador of the sport of motocross in the world. He is probably the busiest guy on the planet but he still found time to make my day with a phone call when he heard of my illness. Talk about lifting my spirits. Wow!! Many thanks to Mark Trabuco and Key Symer for tipping him off. P.S. Janet, you're a peach. I'll come to say hi soon.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Days Post Second Round of Chemo

Well, I'm still here gang. I got four units of blood while I was in the hospital which boosted my energy level a bit. I'm still way under my red cell volume but I can do more things before I get tired as I still tire easily. I'm doing much better this time than I did after the first cycle of chemo. That pesky digestion problem returned so I guess this will be a normal thing for me after chemo. I'm trying to push myself just a little bit to try and get better but it's hard to find that fine line between pushing to much and being a slug. I am making progress though. Physically I feel like I am cured or at least in remission. I have to wait for one more chemo to get the confirmatory test. I continue to be amazed at all the good will pouring into me from all my friends, acquaintances, current and past patients. It's truly a source of strength to help me keep my attitude positive despite all the things that are happening on the sidelines. It is nice to have everybody pulling for me. I am hoping to get back to work soon. It's difficult not working while the rest of the world just keeps sailing along. Thanks again to everyone for your support. Check back later.